Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform (A.T.P.)

Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform (A.T.P.)

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In Louie Simmons’ constant quest to improve athletic greatness we have once again advanced an original equipment design out of necessity, not profitability. We are excited to announce the launch of “The Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform™, beyond a belt squat™”. This patented product allows an individual to train in multiple ranges of motion while simultaneously tractioning the spine, helping to eliminate pelvic tilt, and constantly stimulating the gluteus maximus, medius, spinal erectors,core, hamstrings, quadriceps and gastric’s via the custom belt attachment.

Best of all there is zero-load placed on the spine making it safe and extremely easy for anyone to use, even injured athletes. Some of the exercises that can be performed are as follows

-Hip Thrusts


-Good Mornings

-Deadlifts from various heights

-Olympic Lifts

-Resisted Walking/Jogging/Sprinting

-Grappling -Pitching/Throwing

-Boxing/Hand to Hand drills

-Shotput/Discuss/Hammer drills

-Various jumping drills -Step ups


-Kettlebell exercises

-Core and stability exercises

-Standing Traction

-General Physical Preparation Work

-Rehabilitation Exercises

-Multiple Planes of motion trained simultaneously

The A.T.P is a universal training machine that can improve many Upper Body, Lower Body, Anterior Chain, Posterior Chain, rotational and other specific target strengths and performance area’s that carry over into 99.9% of sports.